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Monthly Edition
The Quest for Pura Vida –
both out there, and in you.
New sights, new eyes, new relationships A Nine Day / Eight Night Adventure Holiday
$2,698 Per Person
Based on
“Costa Rica, Quest for Pura Vida,”
a 1 hour PBS Special with Richard Bangs

“Pura Vida” means “Pure Life”. It’s the expression that Costa Ricans use to express the essence of their land and way of relating.

Do watch the video excerpt.  It’s from the eight PBS one hour special, in the Emmy award winning series Adventures with Purpose.  Richard Bangs joins his longtime friend, Costa Rica Expeditions founder, Michael Kaye to explore what makes Costa Rica so different – or as Richard calls it “The Roots of Costa Rica’s exceptionalism”.

You will be following in Richard’s footsteps, as you visit the Nectandra Institute, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Arenal Volcano National Park, and Tortuguero National Park.

The video brilliantly samples the Pura Vida sense of life, the people who embody it, the wildlife in a country that has more species of mammals and birds than continental United States and Canada combined, and has extremely diverse climates.

It describes a country with literacy rates and healthcare comparable to the most developed countries in the world, that has abolished its military, enjoyed greater peace and political stability than all of its neighbors, set aside one quarter of their land as national parks and protected areas…when so many people in other countries have stood by while their natural wonders were degraded or destroyed.

Yet, even such a great video is only a sample, a hint, a taste of the transformative, immersive experience you’ll have on this adventure holiday.

Imagine experiencing, first hand, the way the local folks relate to each other and to you as they live the pura vida lifestyle. Imagine having eye contact with them, feeling their calmness and benevolence, and hearing the music in their voices as they talk authentically with you and your group’s guide.  Imagine learning lessons of life in how they move, talk, and relate.

Note: In the itinerary, you won’t find specific activities about connecting with local people. That’s because it’s something that happens from time to time throughout this unique adventure holiday.

Imagine discovering one unique bird after another, taking in the melody of their calls, seeing how they fly and land, and how they relates to other wild life.

Imagine, as you watch the birds, the music of the wind in the giant trees, the feeling the mist on your cheek, the aromas of the rain forest, and the soft earth under your feet.

Such firsthand experiences are spontaneous, serendipitous, unique and personal. They’re direct and evocative – since you are immersed in a rich and complex awareness of what you see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and say to yourself and others. You are free, not controlled, to interact, be surprised, to challenge yourself, and be delighted.

Your experience will be further enhanced because you will be traveling with no more than 14 kindred souls who share a quest to discover, experience, and embody the pura vida sense of life. We think of you as self-selected “broad spectrum people”. Likely, some of you will become new friends. Learn more about Your Travel Companions and why we think this is important.

When you take in pura vida first hand, every day is unique, special, and memorable – in your own terms.  Even when your experiences are unnamable, they’ll be full of unblemished joy. You’ll be able to re-touch and re-visit them in memory as a source of inspiration.

Expect to return home with pura vida in the back of your mind, heart, gut, and soul – changing how you see, relate, and feel. Imagine how your relationships will be enhanced, and your success will be easier, when you carry that heightened awareness and serenity within you.

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
– Marcel Proust