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Costa Rica Expeditions' The Quest for Pura Vida

New Sights • New Insights • New Eyes A 9 Day /8 Night Exploration of the
Essence of Costa Rica
Starting at $2,748 Per Person

“Pura Vida” means “Pure Life”. Figuratively it means Costa Rica, because it is the phrase Costa Ricans have chosen to express the essence of one of the most exceptional countries in the world.

Quest for Pura Vida is the culmination Costa Rica Expeditions’ CEO & Founder Michael Kaye’s 37 year quest to understand and share the enigma of this improbable Central American country that:

  • Abolished it’s military in 1948.
  • Has literacy rates comparable to the United States.
  • Is 60% of the size of metropolitan Los Angeles, but has more species   of mammals and birds than the continental United States and Canada combined.
  • “Is a magnet for travelers, who want to experience the magic of Pura Vida and be part of this luminous stitch in time.” Richard Bangs.

Watch an excerpt of the PBS one hour special based on our Quest for Pura Vida Program.

This program is for traveler who want to take a deep dive into Costa Rica, it’s people, it’s culture and it’s flora and Fauna.

You will:

  • Meet Costa Rican people who will help you delve into the roots of Costa Rican exceptionalism and understand how in region known for violence one country has embraced “Pura Vida”
  • Visit remote tropical rain forest only accessible by boat and light aircraft where the rivers are the roads.
  • Hike in tropical cloud forest that according to adventure travel icon, Richard Bangs, “is like hiking in a grand green cathedral.”
  • Visit one of the world’s most perfect volcanic cones.
  • Help local children learn English