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Gustavo Camacho

Andres Gustavo was born on April 23, 1988 in the town of Grecia, north of San Jose. He grew up on a farm where his father grew mainly sugar cane and coffee, which he occasionally combined with corn, beans, tomatoes and bell pepper. They also had horses, some cattle and goats for milk. His mother took care of Gustavo and his two younger brothers and their home. She is a fantastic cook and is a particularly talented seamstress.

Gustavo’s first memories of working are his chores on the farm side by side with his father. He says that as a child his dream was to be a pilot, he imagined himself flying a plane and traveling around the world where he would meet a lot of people and experience different cultures. Although he is not flying a plane, guiding is a lot like what Gustavo imagined as a boy. He meets a lot of people from many different cultures and pilots guests through their experience in Costa Rica.

Gustavo first came to Costa Rica Expeditions when he was finishing his degree in tourism; graduation required a 300 hour internship. His friends and professors had told him that Costa Rica Expeditions was the best company in Costa Rica. Soon Gustavo was an intern at Tortuga Lodge where he started out as Assistant Manager but also taught English for The Words Adventure program. During his free time in Tortuguero, Gustavo started joining our tours to Tortuguero National Park and learning from the local guides. At night he would study the birds, general rainforest ecology, and mammals and learn more about each of the examples that had come up during the tour he has joined that day. Soon the guides were letting him guide, sitting back and driving the boat and letting Gustavo share his knowledge gained from the guides themselves and books. Before long, a new passion had been born. Gustavo has now been guiding for four years and loves “piloting” guests through Costa Rica’s diverse habitats.

When he’s not guiding, Gustavo spends most of his time in his home town of Grecia with his girlfriend and his family, an avid soccer player he doesn’t miss an opportunity to throw on his cleats.